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Eastern Oregon Business Source has an opening for a grant-funded School to Careers Coordinator. This person will work with experienced project managers to grow an existing successful program that connects students to real-world work experience. 

The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, be an excellent communicator, have outstanding writing ability, and be organized. The best candidate will be a team player, enjoy working with students, and be able to build relationships with the business community. 

Must have reliable transportation. Experience in the education field helpful, but not required. Candidate must be self-motivated and dependable. 

Position open until filled. 

Job Description:

This is a grant funded position aimed at providing students with experiences that align with the Oregon Department of Education’s goal to revitalize Career and Technical Education.  This person is responsible for establishing professional relationships with employers and community agencies with a focus on developing work experience sites for students, leading to high-wage, high demand jobs. This position is a sub-contracted position reporting to Susan Bower, Project Manager, of Eastern Oregon Business Source for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Job duties include:

  1. Contact employers and develops opportunities for students to job shadow, have short-term exploratory job placements, mentorships and longer-term work experiences or internships.
  2. Establish agreements with employers and organizations who provide work experiences
  3. Work with potential work experience sites to complete cooperative agreement and submit to CTE Coordinator for approval.
  4. Facilitate ongoing communication between employers, administration, teachers, parents and students regarding program
  5. Conduct orientation for students to explain the benefits and expectations of the various work experience programs.
  6. Match student’s needs, skills and interests with available job placement opportunities. 
  7. Provide necessary training to students prior to placement, and ongoing support once placed at a work experience site.
  8. Interview participants to gather information on correct appropriate site match and make timely referrals to work experience locations.
  9. Seeks to resolve problems that may arise regarding a student work experience placement.
  10. Track and monitor participation on a monthly basis and complete necessary reports.
  11. Conduct regular site visits.Meets regularly with job site supervisors to insure successful work experience placements. Address any performance issues that may arise on the worksite.
  12. Maintain a data-base of work experience sites, the type of work experience(s) available at the site, and skill requirements associated with those positions.
  13. Collect ongoing data as to student performance at work site, provides feedback to student, and provides data for progress monitoring.
  14. Evaluate and make recommendations of programs to the CTE Coordinator.
  15. Arrange and schedule opportunities for local employers to visit appropriate PSD classes as guest speakers.
  16. Provides case management with a focus on helping students prepare for employment
  17. Works closely with project manager to develop a sustainable, marketable program for PSD to ultimately take over and administer.

 Desirable Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Four year degree in a related field or a satisfactory equivalent of education and experience.
  2. Valid driver’s license with a good driving record and access to an automobile on a regular basis.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communication and team work skills.
  4. Demonstrates skills in the development, maintenance and use of database systems, networking, and Microsoft Office programs.
  5. Available to work a flexible schedule that includes some evenings.
  6. The ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with community employers and work-site supervisors.
  7. Ability to deal effectively and appropriately with students, parents and other educational professionals regarding student concerns and problems.
  8. Ability to consult with school personnel in developing and implementing effective work experience placements for students.
  9. Familiarity with the population and community being served.
  10. Ability to keep accurate records and prepare reports.

Submit resume and cover letter to susanbower@eobusinesssource.com 

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