Umatilla County Historical Society Raises Over $350,000, Begins Installation of Umatilla Gold: The History of Wheat in Umatilla County

Pendleton, Oregon: The Umatilla County Historical Society has raised over $350,000 and will soon begin installation of the exhibit, Umatilla Gold: The History of Wheat in Umatilla County.

The Historical Society has been carefully planning, strategizing, and fundraising for more than 4 years to raise the money to install this exhibit. The exhibit will open in August 2019 and will run for 10 years. To accomplish this amazing goal, the Historical Society has received support from a wide variety of sources.

The Umatilla Gold exhibit tells the story of wheat in Umatilla County, highlighting its importance in the history, culture, and economy of the county. It traces the path wheat travels around the world, and tracks all of the different products wheat is used in. The exhibit emphasizes the role wheat plays in Umatilla County, even for those not directly involved in wheat production. The exhibit also addresses and corrects a number of misconceptions about wheat farming.

Agriculture is one of the primary economic drivers in Umatilla County, accounting for $369.5 million in revenue in 2009. This makes Umatilla County the 2nd highest- earning county in Oregon. After reviewing past Umatilla County Historical Society exhibits, it was found that the role of agriculture had not been given appropriate attention. This exhibit seeks to address this oversight. The story of agriculture is a story that must be told as part of the mission of the Umatilla County Historical Society. Umatilla Gold: The History of Wheat in Umatilla County will tell this story.

The exhibit will be fabricated and installed by Formations, Inc. of Portland, Oregon—the firm responsible for designing and installing the exhibits at the SAGE Center in Boardman, OR.

In support of the Umatilla Gold: The History of Wheat in Umatilla County exhibit, The Umatilla County Historical Society received support from:

Individual or Family Donations—Dale & Shirley Moll, Ben & Nora Lee Holdman, Betty Jean Holmes, Bill & Marcy Holton, Burns Mortuary of Pendleton, Carrick & Nancy Gilgen, Cecil & Betty Jean Holmes, Charles & Dinah Hemphill, Daryl & Marjean Corey, Dave & Shari Dallas, Dinah & Charles Hemphil, Fred & Betty Price, Fred & Mary Len Rees, Mark & JoAnna Hales, Harriet Isom, Henry & Marcia Lorenzen, Jim & Leslee Williams, Bob & Deborah Johns, Larry & Suzanne Coppock, Leon & Dorothy Reese, Mack Temple, Madison Ranches, Inc., McGregor Co. / Alex McGregor, Mike & Jill Thorne, Jeff & Sharilyn Newtson, Patrick & Kim Straughan, Raymond (Fred) & Mary Len Rees, Mary Alice Ridgway, Stone Ranch LLC, Tillman Stone, Tim & Jennifer Hawkins, Tom & Patti Winn, Tim & Jennifer Weidert.

Business Sponsors—The Oregon Wheat Foundation, The Port of Umatilla, The Port of Portland, and Formations, Inc.

Charitable Trusts and Other Organizations—M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust- $122,000; Oregon Cultural Trust- $30,513; Fred W. Fields Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation- $25,000; Union Pacific Foundation- $25,000; Autzen Foundation- $15,000; Oregon Heritage Commission- $10,890; Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust- $10,000; Umatilla County Community and Economic Development- $10,000; Oregon Museum Grant (Oregon Heritage Commission)- $8,038; Oregon Heritage Commission- $7,200; Blue Mountain Community Foundation- $3,000; Pacific Power Foundation- $2,000

Contact: Tom Winn, Umatilla County Historical Society Board President

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