Leadership Development

Leadership Coaching, Employee Training and Professional Development

consultingLeadership Coaching, Employee Training and Professional Development is one of the best investments a business can make. Personal and organizational benefits include:
A confidant who has been there and understands high expectations for results and low tolerance for non-performance.

  • Professional, confidential opportunity to discuss personal goals and challenges in meeting what is expected
  • Increased performance
  • Enhanced sense of control
  • Renewed interest in your work
  • Develop realistic goals and a plan to achieve them

Employee Training & Professional Development
Eastern Oregon Business Source is the employee training resource for organizations that value education and want to give their employees the tools to do their best work. We offer a training and professional development calendar as far out as one year. Affordable professional development workshops are available for owners, executives and boards of directors.

Performance Coaching for Owners, Executives and Managers
EOBS provides consulting and mentoring services to help business leaders and the organizations they serve to perform their best. Our project managers have also worked at high level positions in the corporate and non-profit worlds. They understand the high expectations for results and the low tolerance for non-performance.

360-degree Feedback
For organizations that truly want to develop leaders, EOBS project managers work with senior management and department heads to provide unparalleled feedback for reflective performance improvement.

Through a guided-process and proven tools, our project managers obtain the input of all levels who engage with the manager. The manager benefits from learning how customers, employees, managers, and peers perceive interactions with them in the workplace. We help you develop a plan to maximize your interconnectedness with others to:

  • Foster a learning environment
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Support reflection
  • Provide the tools leaders need to do their best
  • Model a positive attitude about constructive feedback
  • Increase the quality and quantity of results

Skills Assessment and Coaching
Susan Bower and the project managers at EOBS are credentialed to administer many inventories and assessments to help people become more self-aware and to develop personal professional growth plans. Assessments commonly used include the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Conflict Style Preference, Communication Style, Leadership Effectiveness Inventory, and Emotional Intelligence Quotient, and Social Awareness Inventory, just to name a few! EOBS works with clients to decide which inventories would be most helpful then works closely with them to understand the results and how to use the information on their personal professional growth journey.