360-degree Feedback


For organizations that truly want to develop leaders, Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers work with senior management and department heads to provide unparalleled feedback for reflective performance improvement.

Through a guided-process and proven tools, our project managers obtain the input of all levels who engage with the manager. The manager benefits from learning how customers, employees, managers, peers, and they perceive interactions with them in the workplace. Then, we work with the manager to develop a plan to maximize his/her inter-connectedness with others to improve results.

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Foster a learning environment
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Support reflection
  • Provide leaders the tools they need to do their best
  • Model a positive attitude about constructive feedback
  • Increase the quality and quantity of results

Eastern Oregon Business Source stays current and practical through its affiliations with organizations such as Board Source, Rural Development Initiatives, American Society of Training and Development, Small Business Association, and the Ford Family Foundation.

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