Employee Engagement

Develop a plan to maximize your interconnectedness with others

developmentCommunication Audits

Communication is at the heart of relationships. Impressions cement reputation. That’s why hundreds of organizations have asked Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers review their marketing, correspondence, signage, policies and procedures and anything else that is seen or heard by people interacting with the organization. We’ll help you:

  • Make sure that your communications deliver the desired look and feel
  • Reinforce the organizational culture by how you interact with your customers and employees
  • Increase professionalism, both inside and outside your organization

Focus Groups

Focus groups allow decision-makers to listen to stakeholders who will be affected by a change. We help leaders solicit effective input and gather the right information to make important business decisions. EOBS conducts in-person meetings, crafts surveys, performs phone surveys, and objectively facilitates employee meetings. We compile and report information to decision-makers to help them decide next steps.

  • We work with the client to determine the best approach to:
  • Gather facts and opinions, see more than one perspective
  • Make informed decisions when dealing with difficult options
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in

Internal/External Surveys

Often coupled with other professional services, Eastern Oregon Business Source works with business owners to frame important questions, then develops surveys to get to the core of the matter. This helps your organization check internal assumptions against external perceptions and increase stakeholder buy-in. Results are analyzed and reviewed with management to develop a plan for results.

Fund Raising/Grant Writing

Eastern Oregon Business Source offers grant writing education services and helps organizations develop fund raising plans. We help you:

  • Become a better grant writer
  • Simplify grant writing by developing template documents
  • Identify funders who share your mission and develop a plan to apply
  • Develop relationships and opportunities to promote your organization
  • Raise money for your organization

Key Employee Search and Selection Support

“The strength of an organization is in its greatest asset—its people.” Susan Bower
Eastern Oregon Business Source offers Executive Director and Board of Director recruitment services to help organizations attract and retain the best candidates. This helps leadership:

  • Ensure the job description matches the needs of the organization
  • Learn innovative recruitment strategies
  • Make the most of the interviewing process
  • Promote your organization during the hiring process
  • Be current with legal hiring practices
  • Receive objective input from a third party interviewer to help you make the best hiring decision

Meeting/Small Group Facilitation

Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers are experts at making groups feel at ease. We are available to speak at an event or lead group discussions on diverse topics to fit your needs. Topics include Customer Service, Sales Management, Business Development, Teamwork and Strategic Planning—to name just a few. EOBS will help:

  • Improve employee morale by provide employees with the tools they need to do their best work
  • Reinforce your company values by having an objective third-party validate what you have been saying all along
  • Leadership participation in the meeting without the responsibility of organization or facilitation

Mystery Shops - Inspect what you expect.

Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers and associates help management see and hear what the customer is experiencing by visiting the organization as a customer would. First, we work with management to understand expectations. Next, we visit and call the company to experience as a customer does. Finally, an objective summary of the experience is shared with management to identify successes to celebrate and areas in need of improvement. This will help you to:

  • Be in touch with the customer experience
  • Know the perceptions your customers have of your organization
  • Acknowledge employees for a job well-done
  • Identify employees who need help in delivering your company mission

Policy & Procedure Design & Review

Employees appreciate knowing what is expected and they do better when they understand the process. Organizations that have well-written policies and procedures, codes of ethics, employee handbooks, or reference manuals enjoy a higher level of performance, reduced employee turnover, and increased employee job satisfaction.

Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers work with management to develop the document and delivery method that best fits the organization. We confer with legal and financial counsel and take a team approach to ensure that organizational needs are met. This will help:

  • Get your employees off to a great start with a New Employee Orientation
  • Provide the structure that employees need to do their best work
  • Give your Human Resources Department a tool to do their best work
  • Communicate organizational needs and expectations with Unions
  • Standardize your processes and procedures in writing
  • Improve employee morale, increase productivity and reduce errors