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August 2017
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Pendleton School to Careers Program
The first year of the Pendleton School to Careers Program was a great success and exceeded all expectations.
In May of 2016, the district entered into a contract with Susan Bower of Eastern Oregon Business Source to build the School to Career program and hire its first coordinator, Christina van der Kamp. Part of the Oregon Department of Education Career and Technical Education Grant was used to fund this work. Blue Mountain Community College and Umatilla County provided additional funding to pay for the project management for this innovative public private model.
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Repeat: Sustainability and Partnerships
View a copy of the last workshop at Eastern Oregon Business Source
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End of Project Reporting: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Get it Right
August 23rd 3-5pm at Eastern Oregon Business Source
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Community Engagement: Growing your volunteer base
October 12th 3-5pm at Eastern Oregon Business Source
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Upcoming Grant Opportunities:
Government Grants
- Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Foundational Program USDA and NIFA
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Kresge Foundation
Several grant opportunities: non-profits and government agencies
On-going Deadlines: Human Services, Arts and Culture, Housing, and Health
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The Ford Family Foundation
Grant opportunities: non-profits and agencies
On-going Deadline: Successful Citizens Program: Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention
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Grant Tips:
- Who you know is a powerful tool. Double check with your board members, they may know one or two of the trustees of foundations. A personal connection can help put your application at the top of the pile.

- Some funders can be incredibly particular about the format of reports. Double check with the funder so that you know what the requirements are. In general they will have their reasons for wanting the reports a certain way.


Susan Bower, SHRM SCP, MBA
Eastern Oregon Business Source & Umatilla County Increasing Capacity
245 SE 4th Pendleton, OR 97801

For more information and pricing visit the Eastern Oregon Business Source website http://eobusinesssource.com or contact:

Brittany Johnson
Community Development Coordinator
Susan Bower
Planning Director
Tamra Mabbott
Planning Director
Bill Elfering
County Commissioner
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245 SE 4th Street
Pendleton, OR 97801
United States
245 SE 4th Street
Pendleton, OR 97801
United States