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The Compass
May 2018
Eastern Oregon Business Source
Making a Plan and Following the Plan Makes a Difference
Eastern Oregon Business Source highlights the Umatilla County Historical Society (UCHS) for its commitment to sound planning and diligence to follow their plan. The team set a goal to raise money to prepare the Signal House to receive a new exhibit.
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Intern Visits Walla Walla University by Ashley Hankins
I recently completed a college visit to Walla Walla University and had a great experience.
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Workforce Development
School to Careers April Update
With the end of the school year fast approaching, a lot has been happening in the School to Careers program.
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Umatilla County Regional Capacity Building
Umatilla Regional Capacity Building
Exciting projects made possible by the Umatilla County Regional Capacity Building Initiative and the public-private partnership of Umatilla County and Eastern Oregon Business Source.
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Helix Advanced Partnership Network (HAPN) Update
The Helix Advanced Partnership Network (HAPN) is progressing toward its goal.
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West County Communities Come Together to Prepare for a Recreational Trail System
Teamwork and collaboration make things happen in West Umatilla County.
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Tips and Tools
Nonprofits and the 2020 Census
The results of the 2020 census can significantly impact nonprofits.
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The Omnibus Spending Bill and Nonprofits
On Friday, March 23, the President of the United States signed the omnibus spending bill into law. One important aspect of this bill for non-profits was the preservation of the Johnson Amendment.
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Don’t Miss Out On These Exciting Up-Coming Grant Opportunities
Oregon Cultural Trust Organizational and Professional Development Grants
This year the Oregon Cultural Trust has launched a new grant program.
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Umatilla County Community and Economic Development Grants
The quarterly deadline for the Umatilla County Community and Economic Development grant is fast approaching.
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Travel Oregon Medium Competitive Grant Program Now Open
Travel Oregon Competitive Grants are available for projects that contribute to the development and improvement of local communities throughout the state.
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