In 2005, I had a major life transition that opened my eyes to how fortunate I have been throughout my career and personal professional growth journey. The transition was moving from a metropolitan area where I worked my way to earn a coveted executive level position at a major commercial bank to having children, helping my husband open a small business, and moving to rural Eastern Oregon. Being from a small agricultural town in Ohio, I knew I was entering new chapter in my life and I was committed to making it a good one; but it wasn’t easy.

From 2005 to 2009, I dedicated all of my free time to community service and realized that I was helping to make a difference in my community. In time, I realized that my personal contribution came in part from my previous professional experience and in part from my love of true collaboration and the ability to pull people together to create a team that gets things done. After much research and community service, I sensed a hunger throughout eastern Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for people wanting to make good things happen in communities and for learning more about how to make business ideas materialize.

In 2009, I created Eastern Oregon Business Source so that as a consultant, I could help people achieve more through creating a mission, having a vision, and being committed to goal-setting. Now, Eastern Oregon Business Source has grown into an organization with a team of professionals specializing in strategic planning, capacity building, community development, and leadership development. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career over the years, but must admit that what I’m doing through EOBS has been by far the most rewarding and the most fun! Nothing makes me happier than to help a team become stronger, a leader become more effective, a community accomplish something that’s been talked about for years, or to mentor an organization to the point that EOBS is no longer needed at all.

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