Providing strategic services and solutions to companies

Large Business / Corporations
(25 or more employees)

Eastern Oregon Business Source proudly serves America’s large business and corporations and acknowledges the tremendous economic impact they have on our communities. Our project managers include corporate and non-profit executives who understand high expectations for results and low tolerance for non-performance.

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Small Business
(25 or fewer employees)

Just as proudly, EOBS serves America’s small business owners and acknowledges their fundamental contributions to our Nation’s economy. Our project managers include accomplished small business owners who understand the many hats that today’s entrepreneurs wear.

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Non-Profit / Public Sectors

EOBS acknowledges the immense impact the public and non-profit sectors have on social infrastructure. We offer reduced pricing and creative payment options to non-profit organizations because we understand their unique funding challenges. And we help them maximize those funds by coaching them to operate like a business and position themselves to be more attractive to funders and donors and volunteers alike.

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Leadership Development


Employment Engagement


Community Development

Professional Development Center

development center

Eastern Oregon Business Source is located in downtown Pendleton, Oregon. Reserve the Professional Development Center for your next meeting, retreat, or small group event. The conference room seats up to 15 people in a beautifully decorated and professionally equipped private setting.

Rent Conference Room

Benefits to your organization include:

  • Energize your team by hosting an off-site meeting or event
  • Professional training supplies and equipment to maximize your delivery and performance (let us know what you’d like to use and it will be ready for you)
  • Hi-tech audio-visual functions including wireless projection to a 47” LED monitor for professional, effective delivery
  • WiFi
  • Plenty of parking

PRICING: Pricing available for 1-4 hour, 4-8 hour, and multi-day events. Special pricing is available for non-profit organizations.

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EOBS Advantage

EOBS helps business owners, executives and boards set and achieve goals by coaching them to plan for the future while respecting the past, set goals and measure results, train their workforce, and prepare for the inevitable changes which will impact their business. 

With over 90 years of collective experience covering the gamut of organizational sizes and structures, our Team of coaches, consultants and trainers proudly serves enterprises both large and small, in public, private and nonprofit sectors.

  • “Susan Bower is an exceptional mentor, trainer, and inspiring leaser who is dedicated to the development of other professionals.”

    Jennifer Blake
    HR Director – Umatilla County – Oregon

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Professional Services

  • Focus Groups +

    Focus Groups Eastern Oregon Business Source helps organizations make important business decisions. Focus groups allow decision-makers to listen to those that will be affected by a change and those that have a stake in the way things are done. Our project managers work closely with senior management to design ways to engage Show Details
  • Meeting/Small Group Facilitation +

    Meeting/Small Group Facilitation Eastern Oregon Business Source consists of professional speakers and facilitators who are experts at making groups feel at ease. We facilitate and mediate to help decision-makers get results. We are experts on a number of topics for both for-profit and non-profit business owners and their employees. Our project managers are Show Details
  • Internal/External Surveys +

    Internal/External Surveys Often coupled with other professional services, Eastern Oregon Business Source works with business owners to frame important questions, then develops surveys to get to the core of the matter. Results are analyzed and reviewed with management to develop a plan for results. Show Details
  • Communication Audits +

    Communication Audits Communication is at the heart of relationships. Impressions cement reputation. That’s why hundreds of organizations have had Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers review their marketing, correspondence, signage, policies and procedures and anything else that is seen or heard by people interacting with the organization. Show Details
  • Mystery Shops +

    Mystery Shops Inspect what you expect. Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers and its associates help management see and hear what the customer is experiencing by visiting the organization as a customer would. First, we work with management to understand expectations. Next, we visit and call the company to experience as a Show Details
  • 360-degree Feedback +

    360-degree Feedback For organizations that truly want to develop leaders, Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers work with senior management and department heads to provide unparalleled feedback for reflective performance improvement. Show Details
  • Policy & Procedure Design & Review +

    Policy & Procedure Design & Review Employees appreciate knowing what is expected and they do better when they understand the process. Organizations that have well-written policies and procedures, codes of ethics, employee handbooks, or reference manuals enjoy a higher level of performance, reduced employee turnover, and increased employee job satisfaction. Eastern Oregon Business Source project managers Show Details
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Learning Environment

requires a climate that is supportive, challenging and conducive to risk-taking

Personal Growth

companies grow when the people inside them grow first

Constructive Feedback

feedback to employees impacts their motivation to perform and your long-term relationships.

"Susan Bower has the ability to make complicated issues manageable.

The professional skills she brings to the table result in comprehensive solutions to professional development and individual growth."
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